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North Shore Winery

Norpine Fatbike Registration and Demo

Date: Fri, Jan 6, 2023
Time 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Venue: North Shore Winery

A day of fun hosted at the North Shore Winery with race registration, number pickup, fat bike demos, CRAZY Pine Criterium, a Full Moon Tour, a bike expo, music, and mulled wine for an afternoon and evening of fun.

2:00-8:00pm: Registration and number pickup for Saturday’s Long and Short Pine Races.

2:00-5:00pm: Fat Bike Expo

2:00-5:00pm: Fat Bike Demos by Spokengear Bike Shop

3:00-4:30pm: CRAZY Pine Criterium, ¼ mile course, all for fun

4:00-6:00pm: Music by Boyd Blomberg

5:30-6:30pm: Full Moon Tour