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North Shore Winery

We are open year round for indoor and outdoor seating. 

Daily offerings in the Tasting Room - No reservation needed

Summer Hours: Memorial Day weekened through October 

  • 12:30-7:30, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday
  • 2:30-9:00, Thursday, with Music from 7-9
  • 11:00-6:00, Sunday, With Music from 3:30-5:30

Winter Hours: November to Memorial Day weekend. 

  • 12:30-6:30, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday
  • 2:30-8:00, Thursday, with Music from 6-8
  • 11:00-6:00, Sunday

Special Wine Tastings and Tours
We offer three special wine tastings by appointment only. Each are unique and can be arranged by calling (218) 481-9280 or email info@northshorewinery.us. Listed prices are per-person.

  • Group Tour and Tasting - $20 - $25 per person (depending tasing selection)
    • Our talented staff will show you the winery while teaching you about winemaking and our wines, before they introduce you to your choosen tasting and leave your group to enjoy! 
  • Winetasting 101 - $50 per person
    • These tastings are an event not to be missed. Our winemakers take your group of four or more through our wine-making process, lead a lively discussion about our wines, and pair them with cheeses, meats, and crackers.
  • Wine and Truffle Tasting - Currently unavailable
    • We are currently looking for a new truffle maker after the Gunflint Mercantile in Grand Marais has recently closed.